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Thank you for choosing the ‘OverThaTop’ experience to fulfill your eating needs. Eating good is a luxury, and Presentation is everything! We promise to be professional, and deliver 100% quality to all of our clients, in a timely manner.


Meet the chef.

Chef OverThaTop (Sevonniah Harris), is a Private Chef located in Dallas, TX and Milwaukee, WI, offering both Private Dining and Catering services. Born and raised in the city of Milwaukee, WI, Sevonniah enjoyed cooking for family and friends for Holidays, family gatherings, and birthdays. She was always very particular about the presentation of her food and how the table was set, because every little detail mattered.

Currently, Sevonniah is a Full - Time Private Chef and Food Truck Owner. Even though she is located in Dallas, TX, she also travels. She strongly believes that if you find something you love doing, you should never stop doing it. 


In the cooking world, her motto is Eating good is a Luxury, and Presentation is Key! 

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